Phil is the Tetracampeon

A true fight of giants commemorated the golden anniversary of the world’s greatest bodybuilding show

Tonight, the 50th anniversary of Mr. Olympia began with some controversy and a really tough competition, as the event itself did not need any artificial exaggeration, and without a doubt, in the half century of the world’s largest bodybuilding festival, never There have been more dramatic and intense moments as it was on Friday night, with the question asked by everyone about who could win the scepter, although on Saturday we realized many things.

The battle had been going on for months, it was confirmed again at the press conference when the contenders for Mr Olympia 2014, Phil and Kai were in a rage; This is how it started to warm up the engines to see two competitors who literally «hate» each other, as perhaps they never saw each other. On the other hand, the presence of Dennis Wolf seemed to dabble, but we will see how he could put pressure on the first two, as well as Shaw Rhoden with his enormous quality, perhaps he can win, especially if something happens and his superior aesthetics serve to be the new champion.

At the start of Saturday night, only 13 men had won the elusive Sandow; And at the end of a spectacular night where you look at it, there were only 13 left, because Phil Heath did it again after a controversial prejudgment that had a great projection of Dexter Jackson, Shawn Rhoden and Dennis Wolf, they were only left to fight for him. Scepter, the competitors who produced the biggest sparks since the press conference, and while there was acheter stanozolol injection some chance of three of them competing in the end, only one hellish battle remained, Kai Green and Champion Phil Heath .

The champion 

Phil Heath was very muscular and kept a great aesthetic, as always, but for some reason his abs seemed less defined and almost swollen in some poses; the four-time Olympia champion did not appear in his best form, so it was a very tight competition, but Heath led the score and continued like this until the end where he faced with everything he had the worst rival that could oppose him.

The runner-up 

Kai Greene with the best conditioning seen to date stalked Phil to the limit, even Greene was actually the leanest athlete on stage outshining the champion in this regard, and although fans seemed to agree to watch a fascinating participant that he could knock the champion down, technically he couldn’t get over it, once again leaving the door open for another duel for next year.

Then Shaw, Dennis and Dexter 

Although Shaw presented himself as a perfect monster, impressive more than ever in his fourth Olympia; his great muscular and defined physique incomparable with all those who were in the final, was not enough to compete with the first two, but it was enough to position himself with the bronze medal, leaving room for doubt, if he is capable of breaking the gap looking at the future.

An incredible rivalry is flourishing between Wolf and Rhoden , because both at the Arnold Classic and Olympia, they always find an advantage to each other, Dennis this time could not express a good feeling when perceiving in his face as bitterness when receiving the check at fourth place.

On the other hand, the eternal Dexter Jackson continues to amaze and even surprise everyone for his impressive world-class symmetry, and as this is his 15th appearance at Olympia, after having won it in 2008, he consolidated his place on the podium, and his presence among the greatest bodybuilders of all time, regardless of the number of sandows he has won.

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